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Sense About Science USA‘s mission is to improve communication, transparency, and the use of evidence in the sciences, with a focus on the critical importance of quantitative and statistical literacy.

We launched in late 2014, in Brooklyn, New York as a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501c3. Our sister organization in the UK is the charitable trust, Sense About Science, founded in 2003, which grew to play a pivotal role in promoting scientific understanding and defending scientific integrity in the UK and Europe. The original SAS established guiding principles that can be replicated around the world, with each country organization focusing on challenges and needs that are distinct to its home culture and policies. Sense About Science USA is committed to the needs of its US audience, Board of Directors, and funders, and to maintaining independence from any external institutional branding or agenda in the execution of its mission.

We have partnered with with the American Statistical Association and the Annals of Internal Medicine, and worked with many institutions, most recently, Cornell University, and  the Kluge Center of the Library of Congress. We welcome more collaborators!

A note on COVID: As many of you have experienced the disruption of a global pandemic, professionally and personally, we have too. This has meant putting many things on hold and focusing on others. We are still running STATScheck for journalists in need of statistical assistance—something more important than ever. We are also, individually, working on projects in science communication and technology with a direct bearing on the pandemic. 

A note on funding: Sense About Science USA was launched with a grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and has continued with support from the Searle Freedom Trust, Betty West Mending Foundations, the American Statistical Association, and small, individual donations from members of the public. We would like to achieve similar funding to Sense About Science in the UK, where 95 percent of donations are from members of the public and scientists. We welcome partnerships and donations from scientific societies, research institutions, and community groups. We regret that we are unable to accept industry funding.

For a copy of our Bylaws, as well as our Conflict of Interest clause, which all staff members and members of our Board of Directors have signed, please contact us here.

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