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Globally, the AllTrials campaign has done more to improve clinical trial transparency in the past four years than the medical community achieved in the previous 40. That’s down to people like you—people who care about fixing medical research. We’re building a community of transparency advocates across the United States—and here’s how you can join and play a part.

First step—learn to advocate for transparency

If we’re going to improve medical research, we need to explain why clinical trial transparency is vital and urgent. Our Train-the-Trainer workshops will:

—Familiarize you with the key concepts, information, and resources on clinical trial transparency

—Help you create compelling and targeted messages, presentations, and workshops

—Plan effective communication and advocacy strategies

Who should take this workshop? Anyone with an interest in clinical research, patient rights, data sharing, and communication. No previous knowledge is required, but this workshop is especially useful for those looking to become more involved in advancing research policy and practice in their organization, institution, or discipline.

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Second step—become an AllTrials Ambassador

To solve the transparency problem in clinical trial research, we need to raise awareness across many different communities about why this problem needs to be solved—and how it can be solved. This is the special role for our AllTrials Ambassadors. We’ll give you the support to become a leader for change in your community.

“We stress the importance of evidence-based medicine in medical school, but the evidence we use to make our clinical decisions should include all the trials that have been conducted on a treatment—both those that show significant results and those that do not… Clinical trial transparency allows for complete researcher-physician collaboration and will lead to the most favorable outcomes for my future patients”
—Brian Chernak, 4th year medical student, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine, and AllTrials Ambassador.

“Transparency matters to me as a communicator and educator because I am trusted to provide accurate information for difficult decisions and strategic planning.”

—Elizabeth Schiavoni is the owner and primary writer of Life Science Writing Solutions LLC. Her background is in biomedical research. She is an advocate for open, accessible, inclusive science, and an AllTrials Ambassador.

Third step—use and contribute to our resources and tools!

Guidance and tools

We’re creating guides and resources to support transparency—and we want to hear from you!
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