Guidance and tools

We want all those with a stake in clinical research—patients, physicians, academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and funders—to become advocates for trial transparency. But how? This is where you’ll find out!

AllAccess Patient Guide

Are you a patient? Have you ever thought about joining a clinical trial? We are creating a guide to help you navigate the world of clinical trial research. Questions we’ll answer:

—How can clinical trials help me?

—How can I talk to my physician or medical team about clinical trials?

—Why do I need transparent clinical research and what can I do about missing trial data?

Our AllAccess Patient Guide will be available in the Fall of 2017.

Tools and resources for transparency

AllTrials advocacy toolkit

A step-by-step guide to planning, launching, and evaluating a clinical research transparency campaign at your institution.


A crowdsourced list of links to resources about clinical trials, transparency, and AllTrials.

Train-the-Trainer curriculum

Lesson plans in clinical trial transparency advocacy and communications—and slidedecks.

Key tools from partners in clinical trial transparency

The Good Pharma Scorecard

The Good Pharma Scorecard ranks large pharma companies and every new FDA approved drug on key ethics, human rights, and public health criteria.

Their debut scorecard ranked drugs approved by the FDA in 2012, along with their company sponsors, to see if there was any missing or misleading information. Researchers at Bioethics International reviewed medicines and vaccines that treat HIV, TB, breast cancer, rare diseases, pediatric meningitis, and many other conditions.  To see what they found, visit their website.

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