“The need for research transparency... is really ensuring that everyone has access to the best drug treatment possible with the most information about the risk and safety of those drugs”

—Josh Morrison, a living kidney donor and the co-founder of the living donation advocacy nonprofit, Waitlist Zero.

Why full disclosure of clinical trial info matters—


prescriptions are filled each year in the U.S.


of Americans use prescription drugs every year.


of all clinical trial results have never been published.

Vital health decisions for millions of people are being made with only half the evidence.

Why we want to fix medicine and science

Clinical trials are investigations designed to assess the effects – wanted and unwanted – of healthcare interventions in people. The Declaration of Helsinki, which is the World Medical Association’s statement of principles for medical research involving people, states that every investigator running a clinical trial should register it and report its results.

Millions of volunteers have participated in clinical trials to help find out more about the effects of treatments on disease, yet that important ethical principle about reporting has been widely ignored. Information on what was done and what was found in these trials could be lost forever to doctors and researchers, leading to bad treatment decisions, missed opportunities for good medicine, and trials being needlessly repeated.

This led to the launch of the AllTrials campaign by Doctor Ben Goldacre and Sense About Science in the UK in January 2013—a campaign that is now supported by thousands of individual patients, clinicians and researchers across the world, and by hundreds of organizations representing millions of people. Sense About Science USA launched a dedicated American campaign in 015. The global campaign’s web HQ is at AllTrials.net

Patients, their families, friends, physicians, colleagues, and communities are at the heart of the AllTrials campaign, which calls for all clinical trials to be registered, and their results reported.

 “I wouldn’t be talking to you today if the trial results had not been reported.”

Nicole Gularte is a member of the Emily Whitehead Foundation.

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