Frequently asked questions

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Please note, we have published a response to the “Seeding Doubt” article published on the Intercept.

How should we refer to your organization?
Sense About Science USA or SAS USA

What is your mission?
Sense About Science USA is dedicated to improving communication, transparency, and the use of evidence in the sciences.

What is your relationship with Sense About Science in the U.K.?
We are a separate legal entity to Sense About Science in the U.K.; however, we do collaborate on the AllTrials campaign for clinical trial transparency. For the 2016-2017 term, the director of Sense About Science U.K. has a non-voting position on the Sense About Science USA board.

How are you funded?
Sense About Science USA was established with a grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and accepts donations from the public. Sense About Science USA is wholly independent of any university, society, or other organization, and does not accept industry funding, except to cover travel costs when running workshops or training sessions for said companies.

How is your organization related to STATS and AllTrials USA?
STATS (formerly and AllTrials USA are two of our initiatives. STATS is a collaboration between Sense About Science USA and the American Statistical Association to improve statistical literacy in the U.S. AllTrials USA seeks to improve transparency in clinical trials in the U.S. (as well as those run by U.S. companies) and is a part of the global AllTrials campaign.

What is STATS?
STATS (known previously as is the successor to the Statistical Assessment Service, which began life in 1993 as a 501c3 focused on the importance of statistical literacy in the media. In 2004, STATS became affiliated with George Mason University (GMU). In 2014, STATS ceased its connection with GMU and became a project of Sense About Science USA in collaboration with the American Statistical Association. As part of this transition, it acquired a new board and a revised mission. In 2015, it launched a Statistical Advisory Board composed of accomplished academic mathematicians and statisticians, with the goal of assisting journalists on deadline with mathematical and statistical questions via STATScheck.

Where can I find STATS articles from 2003 to 2011?
They can be found on this web archive page:

What is AllTrials USA’s mission?
Launched in July 2015 as an initiative of Sense About Science USA (in partnership with the global AllTrials campaign run by Sense about Science in the U.K.), AllTrials USA seeks to ensure that all current clinical trials in the U.S. (or those conducted by U.S. companies elsewhere) are registered and their results reported. We also seek the comprehensive publication of past clinical trial results, especially on medicines prescribed today. This is accomplished through building a patient-led movement uniting patient groups, professional societies, researchers, academic centers, investor groups, and pharmaceutical companies to curate a national conversation about the value of clinical trial transparency and the ethics of conducting trials.

What is Scientifically Speaking’s mission?
One of our core initiatives is working with early career scientists to promote public outreach and science communication. SciSpeak believes that the solutions to some of our biggest social and global problems lie with scientific innovation; having scientists and researchers who can effectively communicate their work and its goals is imperative. As such, we work with graduate students and postdocs to promote the importance of clear scientific communication, the importance of valuing conversations with various audiences outside of science, and the principles for successful public engagement.

Do you provide general science advice or expert testimony?
No, we do not provide general science advice or expert testimony. By utilizing the expertise of our statistical advisory board, we can review the specific methodology, study design, data collection and statistical analysis of scientific research to add context to scientific conversations and to show the importance of these issues to scientific understanding. We believe in the need for robust and well communicated scientific discourse; however, we do not have the resources or expertise to comment on any and all of scientific endeavors.

Can you find data for me?
No, we cannot. The STATS statistical advisory board is available to answer statistical or mathematical questions you may have about data you have already found and are working with (data from a study, or other).

Can you help me with my science or math homework or give me ideas for my science fair project?
Sorry, no, but good luck!

What social media and networking platforms do you use?
Twitter: @AllTrialsUSA@SenseScienceUSA

Where can I find your logos?
Follow the links to download the SAS USA, STATS, AllTrials USA, and Scientifically Speaking logos.