Why does registering clinical trials and reporting their results matter?

Patients, their families, friends, physicians, colleagues, and communities are at the heart of the AllTrials campaign, which calls for all clinical trials (medical studies in which potential drug treatments are tested on people) to be registered, and their results reported.

Some people have come to support the campaign because they are battling or have battled a disease; others sign on after working to help loved ones.

These are their stories.

Peer-to-peer stories from researchers and physicians are in BLUE folders.

Stories from patients and patient advocates are in RED folders.

Have a clinical trial story to tell?

*Please note that while this is a forum for patients to have their say, we strive for factual accuracy in our interview reporting.

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On a mission to solve the organ donor shortage

On a mission to solve the organ donor shortage

“The need for research transparency … is really ensuring that everyone has access to the best drug treatment possible with the most information about the risk and safety of those drugs,” says Josh Morrison, a living kidney donor and the co-founder of the living donation advocacy nonprofit, Waitlist Zero.