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We ask our readers to express opinions in a manner respectful to the readers and writers of We encourage lively criticism, but uncivil or ad hominem attacks will result in deletion of posted comments and, potentially, banning of the individual user. reserves the right to edit or delete comments submitted to for reasons of content.

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Comments that do not provide a valid e-mail address where the user associated with it receives e-mail;

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Comments that contain excessive punctuation or capitalization designed solely to pump up the volume of a post.

Comments which and collaborating organizations deem to be otherwise objectionable, inappropriate, off-topic, or offensive.

Permanent Removal reserves the right to remove users / commenters permanently for any of the following:

Violating any of the rules above more than once.

Using non-working, outdated e-mail addresses in one’s account.

Using language deems to be offensive or obscene in one’s username.

Using multiple accounts to post comments.

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