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Free interactive workshops in statistics tailored to science, health, and general reporting.
We’ll come to your newsroom, journalism school or media organization.

Gallaudet University’s Regina Nuzzo at our American Geophysical Union STATS workshop

STATS workshop at Springer Nature/Scientific American with Rebecca Goldin,
Professor of Mathematics, George Mason University

STATS workshop at Springer Nature with Tian Zheng,
Associate Professor of Statistics, Columbia University

STATS workshop at Springer Nature with Karla Ballman, Chief of Biostatistics and Epidemiology,
Department of Healthcare Policy and Research Weill Cornell Medical College

STATScamp at the Grady College of Journalism, University of Georgia, with
George Mason University’s Rebecca Goldin and Patrick McKnight

STATS workshop for American Geophysical Union and DC Science Writers Association
with Gallaudet University statistician Regina Nuzzo

STATS workshop at STAT News with Rebecca Goldin,
Professor of Mathematics, George Mason University

“It’s increasingly important that journalists have an understanding of statistics for their work,
and this was one of the clearest and most helpful presentations I’ve seen on the subject.”
— workshop attendee


Journalists have access to a plethora of raw and analyzed data, from voting reports to biomedical studies. Knowing the right questions to ask about the data is important, as is recognizing the pitfalls of poor data collection and analyses. Our statistics workshops for journalists, run by members of our statistical advisory board, provide attendees with a short course on key ideas and statistical concepts. These can be tailored from beginner to intermediate and to specific subject areas.

If you work at a media outlet, newsroom, or other and would like to host a workshop, please contact Neda Afsarmanesh via the form below.

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Recent workshops

June 2017: Education Writers Association (EWA) National Seminar (Washington, DC)

January 2017: Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT (Cambridge, MA)

October 2016: Springer Nature News, Scientific American (New York, NY)

October 2016: Springer Nature biomedical editors (New York, NY)

September 2016: Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication (Athens, GA)

August 2016: Statistical Training for Science Writers, American Geophysical Union (Washington, DC)

May 2016: STAT at The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)

April 2016: American University (Washington, DC)

March 2016: Vox Media (Washington, DC)

January 2016: National Press Foundation (Washington, DC)

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