Whether looking at the statistical data in a new study or just talking about how a story might be analyzed,
our advisory board of experts is here to help you think through the numbers.

“I live in fear of being taken in by poor-quality research, and STATS is invaluable to me”—Tamar Haspel, Washington Post columnist/contributor National Geographic

Our request policy: As a public service, we receive many requests and sometimes they pertain to the same data set, recent study, or similar. Be certain that we will respond promptly to each request that comes in, regardless of whether another journalist has made the same, or similar request.

Communications between the requester and advisory board member(s) will not be shared in any public or private form, unless requester gives permission. Do note, however, that the advisory board may share work product (study/report analysis/other) with more than one requester; advisory board members are also available to serve as expert sources for media interviews.

Finally, we are not a source for descriptive statistics (i.e. the number of people struck by lightning in Florida last year). We provide analytical help. Similarly, we cannot help you with your school or college homework. This service is for journalists and writers.

statsbarmediumStatistical Advisory Board Members

Director: Rebecca Goldin, Professor of Mathematics, George Mason University.

Karla Ballman Ph.D, Division Chief of Biostatistics, Weill Cornell Medicine
Andrew Bray Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Reed College
Andrea Foulkes Sc.D, Professor, Mount Holyoke College
Giles Hooker Ph.D,  Associate Professor, Cornell University
Peter Imrey Ph.D, Professor, Cleveland Clinic
Jenna Krall Ph.D, Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Michael Lavine Ph.D, Professor, UMass Amherst
Patrick McKnight Ph.D, Associate Professor, George Mason University
Regina Nuzzo Ph.D,  Professor, Gallaudet University
Kristin Sainani Ph.D, Associate Professor, Stanford University
Tian Zheng Ph.D, Professor, Columbia University

Please note that we take the issue of conflicts of interest very seriously, that is why each member of the STATS advisory committee has signed a conflict of interest statement.

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