AllTrials Centerpiece of New Online Course

AllTrials will be a centerpiece of a new online course taught by the University of Miami and called Health Information Exchange. Students of this course, aimed at nurses and medical professionals, will learn how clinical trial transparency is still a heated debate among researchers and physicians. This course is part of a new Online Health Informatics, Nursing Informatics and Certificate program beginning this January 2016. It will run three times per year as a seven-week accelerated course focusing on patient information engagement, data exchange, and publication health.

The goal will be for students to evaluate how sharing research benefits health outcomes, as well as how missing evidence hinders the advancement of medicine. Some of the required reading will be news articles surrounding clinical trial transparency, videos on the state of trial data sharing, and the main AllTrials webpage (

Monica Coley M.P.H, the course developer, instructor, and integration strategist, hopes to leverage the AllTrials campaign “as a means of discussing the importance of exchanging research findings as an important component of health information exchange.”

Lauren Quattrochi Ph.D., Director of AllTrials USA, believes that “courses like this one are prime examples of what AllTrials supporters and academic institutions can do to bring awareness about the issues currently confronting the medical research field.”

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