The Hot Sauce Linking Violence and Video Games

It’s literally hot sauce—sometimes loudness—and that’s why the evidence linking violent video games to real world violence is problematic.

Five Tips for Reporting Science

The GroundTruth Project asked Sense About Science USA’s Rebecca Goldin for tips on how to report a scientific study

Fake News, Science, and Pseudo Journalism

Paul Thacker’s checkered history and deceptive practices are widely known in the science journalism community. So why do reputable science media platforms keep giving him a platform?

Using Statistical Evidence in Medical Research

A panel discussion at the Symposium on Statistical Inference looks at the importance of clinicians and statisticians working together

Images of Science and the Scientific Method in Popular Culture

Executive Director Trevor Butterworth’s Convergence lecture at Montreal General Hospital

How Data is Transforming Journalism

Our recent journalism panel at the Symposium on Statistical Inference discusses the obstacles to and opportunities in reporting data

A Career of a Mathematician: Beautiful, Surprising

STATS Rebecca Goldin joins fellow mathematicians as they discuss their careers with Ira Flatow on the Science Friday radio show.

Data Journalism’s Sweet Spot

With the current fervor for big data and data journalism, what do statisticians and mathematicians think of the reporting that’s being done? We asked the STATS Advisory Board math and stats experts.

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