Before the Interview

Before the Interview


  • Journalists come prepared: 94% of journalist always or almost always read the articles or review the scientist’s research before contacting them for an interview.
  • How much will they explain: 95% of journalists report that they always or most of the time explain to scientists what the story they are working on is about. However, only 52% of journalists sometimes, most of the time, or always explain what their level of experience is with the topic or the field.
  • Who are they writing for: While 95% of journalists always or most of the time explain what publication they are writing for, only 40% always or most of the time describe who their expected audience is.
  • Open-minded or already decided: 32% of journalist said that they always or most of the time already had the angle in mind when preparing for an interview; 55% of journalists said that they sometimes had an angle in mind.
  • Will you see questions before your interview:

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