Happy Spring, AllTrials has a new video, featuring patient voices

AllTrials USA is thrilled to welcome the largest association of medical doctors and students in the United States, the American Medical Association (AMA)—which represents more than 228,000 current healthcare providers—to a group of 600+ organizations and individuals petitioning for all clinical trials to be registered, and all results reported in the US. Read the AMA’s statement in full.

And in more good news, we are happy to welcome The National Breast Cancer Coalition to the AllTrials campaign as well.


We are also proud to premiere a video about the patient-led campaign for increased clinical trial transparency, which features the experiences of patients—and patient advocates—AnneMarie Ciccarella and Gregg Gonsalves. Thank you AnneMarie and Gregg, and all those who helped in the production of the video! Click on the image to watch and share.

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