Patients first

Patients first

From AnneMarie Ciccarella

“I think it’s important for everyone to be mindful of the fact that we are the ultimate stakeholders in the clinical trial process. Whether we seek medication for curative purposes or to manage chronic conditions, our lives hang in the balance. Every time one of us steps up to participate in a clinical trial, we are placing our well-being into the hands of the research community. Many of us understand the importance of advancing the research, of finding better ways to deliver drugs safely, efficiently and quickly, and that we should be making treatment choices using evidence based findings. Withholding trial results because end points are not reached is a missed opportunity to advance the science.”

AnneMarie Ciccarella is a patient activist and blogger; you can read more about her at CHEMOBRAIN….In The Fog and follow her @chemobrainfog.

AnneMarie supports the AllTrials initiative calling for all clinical trials to be registered and their results reported.

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